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All About Drug Testing

To ensure that employees are abiding by the rules and regulations, employers are conducting random drug tests. This is also being practiced in some schools to make sure that the environment is drug-free. And so, workers and students have to live with the fact that anytime, they can be subjected to such tests. There are ways one can get away with this. However, the means of drug testing are becoming more advanced and sophisticated that it is quite difficult to pass the exam if you are guilty of the act.

The importance of drug testing

needleDrug testing is one way of promoting a healthy lifestyle among people regardless of the age and status in life. Numerous campaigns are being held to make all individuals aware of the effects of illegal drugs and its consequences in case you are proven guilty. However, many people are still doing it. Some have already made it a habit and part of their daily living that is why it is quite difficult for them to withdraw.

Drug testing methods

Several methods can be utilized to conduct drug testing. You can either get samples of urine, saliva, or hair follicle. The latter has been regarded as the most accurate method to detect if someone is using prohibited drugs. Unlike the use of urine and saliva samples, hair follicle drug test can monitor if you have been engaging yourself into illicit drugs for the past three months before you take the test. If you are proven guilty, of course, necessary actions against you will be made. It could even mean going to jail. So, to avoid all the hassles, you need to stay away from drugs and start living a healthy life.

Use of drug test kits

drugs Depending on the method that you use, you may personally purchase a drug testing kit. Say for instance you utilize the hair drug test. You can buy a hair drug test yourself and do it at home. With this particular test, you may find it a little bit more expensive than the other types of drug testing. However, laboratory fees are already included, and you can be more confident that you will get accurate results.

All you have to do for the hair drug test is to cut at least 50 strands of your hair. Make sure that you cut them one and a half inches from your scalp. The sample should be sent to a laboratory, and the result will be sent to you afterward.