The Top Massage Chair On the Market

One of the best innovations to ever grace the massage chair market is the Iyashi Zero Gravity Massage chair. This is a new age in massage chair design that is inarguably beyond the reach of top massage chairs.

Top features

The upholstery matches the futuristic innovation madeMassage Chair with damage resistant material that guarantees longevity with minimum maintenance. Iyashi easily makes it first in the list of top massage chairs because of the following reasons.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity positions enable you to enjoy inversion therapy. This feature is mandatory for high-end top massage chairs today. The position gives you ultimate relaxation with your weight distributed equally throughout the chair. This has numerous benefits that include improved blood circulation, decreased blood pressure, less pressure on the spine, an expanded lung cavity and lower heart rate.


This stylish piece of tech doesn’t ruin the décor in your home thanks to numerous color combinations to choose from.

Heat therapy

With a user-friendly remote, you can enjoy the heat therapy feature by easily turn it on or off. This gives you a choice. The heat works the lower back, and lumbar area is ultimately affecting the whole back. This feature is however not recommended for pregnant mothers.

The footrest

This top massage chair has a foot rest that is equipped with air bags that give an impressive deep tissue massage. There are also rollers for the sole and foot that can also squeeze, knead, swing and roll. This is great for people who are mostly on their feet through most of the day.

Chemotherapy lights

This is something top massage chairs don’t have. These lights installed in the exterior panels give better relaxation through visual stimulation. Once activated, it alternates between shades of red, blue, indigo and green.

Thai-style stretching

This is a unique feature that enables the chair to simulate perfectly Thai stretching by using airbags. This is especially relaxing and is focused on the spine area and shoulders.

Waist twisting

This is something all top massage chairs should adopt. The maroon Massage Chairtechnology allows for the airbags inflating and moving your waist and hips from side to side. You can determine the speed that you want this to be done to you.

Programmable massage

There are six preset modes which you can select to get the exact type of pampering. There are more combinations including Shiatsu, tapping and kneading.

There is a real value or money with this out of the norm technology. There is more that top massage chairs in the market need to do to match this technology. Order one today and get pampered like royalty from the comfort of your home.