Poster Session I (even numbers)

The poster session I is taking place at Volkshaus Jena on Sunday, August 18, 2013.

Complement and Adaptive Immunity

P CAI 2 Complement- and platelet-mediated shuttling of blood-borne bacteria to CD8a+ dendritic cells
  S. Broadley, A. Plaumann, A. Seidlmeier, A. Wanisch, S. Luo, P. Raemer, D. Busch, *A. Verschoor (Munich)

Complement Activation and Regulation

P CAR 2 Sushi Domain-Containing Protein 4 (SUSD4) inhibits complement by disrupting the formation of the classical C3 convertase
  *E. Holmquist, M. Okroj (Malmö), B. Nodin, K. Jirström (Lund), A. Blom (Malmö)
P CAR 4 Expression and design of MAP1: CFH1-5 fusion protein, a dual inhibitor of complement activation
  *M. A. Nordmaj, E. Hein, P. Garred, L. Munthe-Fog (Copenhagen)
P CAR 6 Dissociation and re-association properties of the dimerization domains of MASP-1 and MASP-2 indicate tight interaction but slow dimer formation
  *J. Dobó, K. Paréj, N. Donáth, P. Závodszky, P. Gál (Budapest)
P CAR 8 IgM-mediated activation of the lectin pathway of complement in pig-to-human xenotransplantation models
  *A. K. Bongoni, D. Keirmeir, H. Jenni, M. A. Constantinescu, E. Vögelin, R. Rieben (Bern)
P CAR 10 CFHR2 encodes a human complement regulator
  H. Eberhardt, D. Buhlmann, P. Hortschansky, Q. Chen, A. Hartmann, T. Hallström, P. F. Zipfel, *C. Skerka (Jena)
P CAR 12 Collectin 11 - a new complement-associated pattern recognition molecule
  *S. Hansen (Odense)
P CAR 14 Functional assessment of the three complement pathways of mouse complement system and quantification of mouse C3b/C3c/iC3b complex in circulation
  *J. Kotimaa, J. O'flynn (Leiden), J. van Groningen (Leiden / Uden), G. Schilders (Uden), M. R. Daha, C. van Kooten (Leiden)

Complement and Coagulation- Link of Cascade Systems

P CC 4 Correlation of CR3 expression on neutrophils and monocytes with serum levels of ICAM-1 and fibrinogen in women using combined hormonal contraceptives
  R. I. Bertozi, B. Stocco, S. A. Franceschini, M. R. Torqueti, *C. M. Marzocchi Machado (Ribeirão Preto-SP)

Complement and Diseases (Kidney Diseases, Retinal Diseases, Cancer, SLE)

P CD 2 Complement activation associated with ADAMTS13 deficiency in human and murine thrombotic microangiopathy
  *D. Karpman, R. Tati, A.- C. Kristoffersson, A.- L. Ståhl, J. Rebetz (Lund), L. Wang (Iowa City), C. Licht (Toronto), D. Motto (Iowa City)
P CD 4 Plasma levels of MASP-1 and MASP-2 are elevated in patients with type 1 diabetes
  V. Frauenknecht (Bern), R. Ajjan (Leeds), S. Thiel (Aarhus), *V. Schroeder (Bern)
P CD 6 Anti-C1q antibodies as a follow-up marker in SLE patients
  *M. Bock, I. Heijnen, M. Trendelenburg (Basel)
P CD 8 Role of ApoE and its isoforms in AMD
  *S. Vödisch, C. Skerka (Jena)
P CD 10 Ficolin-3 mediated complement activation in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus
  *E. Hein, C. T. Nielsen, L. Munthe-Fog, S. Jacobsen, P. Garred (Copenhagen)
P CD 12 Ficolin-3 mediated lectin complement pathway activation is related to pathology and outcome in subarachnoid haemorrhage patients
  *R. Zangari (Milan), L. Munthe-Fog (Copenhagen), E. R. Zanier (Milan), E. Hein (Copenhagen), T. Zoerle, F. Orsini, S. Parrella, V. Conte, N. Stocchetti (Milan), P. Garred (Copenhagen), M.- G. De Simoni (Milan)
P CD 14 Glial tumors and the Complement Cascade
  *T. Bouwens (Rotterdam/Leiden), M. Lamfers (Rotterdam), R. Veerhuis (Amsterdam), C. Dirven (Rotterdam), L. Trouw (Leiden), H. Al-Khawaja (Rotterdam)
P CD 16 Expression of membrane complement regulators in patients on peritoneal dialysis therapy.
  *Y. Sei, *M. Mizuno, M. Imai, Y. Suzuki, K. Higashide, N. Okada (Nagoya), C. Harris (Cardiff), S. Matsuo, Y. Ito (Nagoya)
P CD 18 Shiga toxin induces release of soluble ICAM-1 protein in primary human glomerular microvacular endothelial cells
  *E. Volokhina, T. van der Velden, D. Westra, N. van de Kar (Nijmegen), L. van den Heuvel (Nijmegen / Leuven)
P CD 20 CD59 is a blood group antigen
  *M. Anliker, I. von Zabern, B. Höchsmann (Ulm), C. Dohna-Schwake (Essen), H. Kyrieleis (Moers), H. Schrezenmeier, C. Weinstock (Ulm)
P CD 22 Age-related changes to glycosaminoglycans in human Bruch’s membrane may contribute to immune dysregulation in AMD.
  T. Keenan, *S. Clark, A. Langford-Smith, C. Pickford, R. Holley, C. Merry, A. Day, P. Bishop (Manchester)
P CD 24 Lectin pathway proteins in colorectal cancer
  *L. Storm (Aarhus), I. J. Christensen (Copenhagen), H. J. Nielsen (Hvidovre), J. C. Jensenius, S. Thiel (Aarhus)
P CD 26 New C1q mutation in a Tunisian family
  *H. Jlejla, *M. KALLEL-SELLAMI, S. Imen, L. Laadhar, Y. Zerzri, Y. Gorgi, S. Makni (Tunis)
P CD 28 C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency and SLE: a case report and review of the literature
  *S. Baldovino, C. Naretto, M. Mereuta, S. Sciascia, E. Manna, I. Salussolia, G. Strani, K. Giancaspero, E. Menegatti, D. Roccatello (Turin)
P CD 30 Complement activation in vascularized composite allotransplantation
  *T. Gajanayake, R. Olariu, F. Leclère (Bern), P. Vemula, Z. Yang (Boston), A. Bongoni, Y. Banz, M. Constantinescu, E. Vögelin, R. Rieben (Bern)
P CD 32 Proteomic profiling of hepatocellular carcinoma: Elevated circulating complement C3 protein level displays role for potential early cancer biomarker
  *S. Malik, D. P. Katare, S. Jain (New Delhi)
P CD 34 Complement deposition on red blood cells and red blood cell-derived microparticles during hemolytic uremic syndrome
  *I. Arvidsson, A.- L. Ståhl, M. Manea Hedström, A.- C. Kristoffersson, J. Westman, J. Storry, M. L. Olsson, D. Karpman (Lund)
P CD 36 Inhibition of the Complement Alternative Pathway during Cold Ischemia Improves Survival and Graft Function
  S. Qi (Montreal), Z.- X. Yu (Cheshire), Z. Wu, A. Barama, J. Xu (Montreal), *A. Marozsan, Y. Wang (Cheshire)
P CD 38 Renal complement deposition in a mouse model of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli infection
  *J. Rebetz, Z. Békássy, D. Karpman (Lund)
P CD 40 Differential expression of CD35 and cytokines and their correlations in rheumatoid arthritis patients
  *D. Anand, M. Kanjilal, S. Kaur, H. Aggarwal, U. Kumar, N. Das (New Delhi)

Complement Diagnostics and Therapy

P CDT 2 Monoclonal antibody against factor B that inhibits formation of the AP C3 convertase.
  M. Subias Hidalgo*, L. Juana Lopez, M. Dominguez , S. Rodriguez de Cordoba (Madrid)
P CDT 4 Effect of low molecular weight dextran sulfate on tourniquet-induced limb ischemia/reperfusion injury and distant lung damage
  *C. Dührkop, R. Rieben (Bern)
P CDT 6 Development of a recombinant antibody for the detection of activated MBL
  *P. Macor, P. Durigutto, L. De Maso, N. Mezzaroba, L. Furlanis (Trieste), P. Garred (Copenhagen), D. Sblattero (Novara), F. Tedesco (Trieste)
P CDT 10 C1 Inhibitor function with kinin forming enzymes as target: evaluation of a novel assay
  *A. Ghannam, F. Defendi, B. Favier, D. Ponard, *C. Drouet (Grenoble)
P CDT 12 Rapid diagnosis of aetiology of atypical HUS leads to early and optimal treatment
  *M. Malina, T. Rosik, J. Zieg, J. Dusek, I. Hrachovinova, T. Seeman (Prague)
P CDT 14 Complement -dependent cytotoxicity exerted by two therapeutic anti-CD20 mAbs: rituximab and ofatumumab in human B-cell malignant cell lines and primary cultures.
  *M. Okroj (Malmö), I. Eriksson, A. Österborg (Stockholm), A. Blom (Malmö)
P CDT 16 Standardisation of the Factor H Autoantibody Assay
  R. Watson (Newcastle-upon-tyne), S. Lindner (Jena), P. Bordereau (Paris), E.- M. Hunze, F. Tak (Newcastle-upon-tyne), S. Ngo (Paris), P. Zipfel, C. Skerka (Jena), M.- A. Dragon-Durey (Paris), *K. J. Marchbank (Newcastle-upon-tyne)
P CDT 18 Double-blockade of CD14 and complement component C5 abolish the inflammatory storm and improve survival in mouse polymicrobial sepsis
  *T. Mollnes, A. Baratt-Due, S. Pischke, î Sandanger, P. Nilsson (Oslo), J. Lambris (Philadelphia), M. Nunn (Oxford), S. Denk (Ulm), T. Espevik (Trondheim), M. Huber-Lang (Ulm)

Complement Genetics

P CG 2 Novel C1q mutation in an homozygous C1q-deficienct patient affected of glomerulonephritis and Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome.
  A. Lopez-Lera, J. Torres-Canizales, S. Garrido (Madrid), A. Morales (Arrecife de Lanzarote), *M. Lopez-Trascasa (Madrid)
P CG 4 A high throughput automated quantitative 384 wells ELISA assay for simultaneous quantification of multiple parameters from the lectin complement pathway
  *L. Schneider, J. B. Clausen, P. Garred, L. Munthe-Fog (Copenhagen)
P CG 6 Characterization of a gene coding for C3 Complement component from Loxosceles spider venom gland
  *D. T. Myamoto, R. M. Gonçalves de Andrade, G. Pidde Queiroz, D. Vilarinho Tambourgi (São Paulo)
P CG 8 A Novel Fusion Gene CHFR5-CFHR2 Causes C3 Glomerulonephritis
  *Y. Zhang, X. Xiao (Iowa City), J. Garcia-Fernandez, S. Rodriquez de Cordoba (Madrid), P. Zipfel (Jena), N. Meyer (Iowa City), S. Sethi (Rochester), C. Nester (Iowa City), C. Ghossein (Chicago), R. Smith (Iowa City)

Complement and Infection

P CI 2 Compound Heterozygous mutations in the C6-gene in a child with relapsing bacterial and viral infections
  *D. Westra, R. A. J. Kurvers, L. P. van den Heuvel (Nijmegen), R. Wurzner (Innsbruck), N. C. A. van de Kar, A. Warris (Nijmegen)
P CI 4 The complement system genes expression by peripheral blood mononuclear cells under the S.aureus, Candida albicans and Str. pyogenеs lysates stimulation in vitro
  *M. Liauchenia, L. Titov (Minsk)
P CI 6 Complement defects in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis
  M. Q. Gaunsbaek, B. Lange, A. D. Kjeldsen, V. Svane-Knudsen, K. Skjødt, M. L. Henriksen, C. Nielsen, Y. Palarasah, *S. Hansen(Odense)
P CI 8 Role of Mannose Binding Lectin in Susceptibility to Tuberculosis
  *M. Krusch, K. Walter (Borstel), T. Thye (Hamburg), S. Niemann, S. Homolka (Borstel), C. D. Intemann (Hamburg), J. Köhl (Lübeck), S. Rüsch-Gerdes (Borstel), R. D. Horstmann, C. G. Meyer (Hamburg), S. Ehlers, C. Hölscher (Borstel)

Complement and Innate Immunity

P CII 2 b-GlcNAc on Wall teichoic acids in Staphylococcus aureus triggers complement activation via lectin pathway
  *X. Li (Tübingen)
P CII 4 Human serum amyloid P component is a novel peptidoglycan recognition protein inducing complement-independent phagocytosis of Staphylococcus aureus
  J.- H. An, K. Kurokawa, D.- J. Jung (Busan), Y. Fujimoto, K. Fukase (Osaka), *B. L. Lee (Busan)
P CII 6 Collectin CL-P1 is an endocytosis and phagocytosis receptor using clathrin-dependent endocytosis pathway and clathrin-independent phagocytosis pathway
  *N. Wakamiya, S. Jang, A. Fukuoh, K. Mori (Asahikawa), Y. Suzuki (Sapparo), K. Ohtani (Aasahikawa)
P CII 8 H-ficolin (ficolin-3) concentrations and FCN3 gene polymorphism in patients with lupus nephritis and primary glomerulonephritides
  K. Ucieklak, M. Michalski (Lodz), Z. Niemir (Poznan), A. S. Swierzko (Lodz), M. Polcyn-Adamczak (Poznan), A. Szala (Lodz), J. Lukasiewicz (Wroclaw), *M. Cedzynski (Lodz)
P CII 10 Collectins and ficolins in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections in Polish patients
  A. Sokolowska, *A. S. Swierzko, A. Szala, M. Michalski (Lodz), E. Augustynowcz-Kopec (Warsaw), T. Niemiec (Jaroszowiec), M. Blachnio (Otwock), J. Dziadek, M. Cedzynski (Lodz)
P CII 12 L- and H-ficolins in women with malignant and benign ovarian tumours
  A. Szala (Lodz), S. Sawicki (Gdansk), *A. S. Swierzko (Lodz), J. Szemraj (Lodz), S. Marcin (Gdansk), M. Michalski, A. Kaluzynski (Lodz), J. Lukasiewicz, A. Maciejewska (Wroclaw), D. Wydra (Gdansk), D. C. Kilpatrick (Edinburgh), M. Matsushita (Kanagawa), M. Cedzynski (Lodz)
  *K. H. Egge, E. B. Thorgersen, J. K. Lindstad, A. M. Pharo (Oslo), J. D. Lambris (Philadelphia), A. Barratt-Due (Oslo), T. E. Mollnes (Oslo/Bodø/Tromsø)

Free topics

P FT 2 IgG4-related disease with normal complement factors - a case presentation
  *C. Windisch (Jena), H.- J. Gröne (Heidelberg), C. Rüster, P. Oelzner, T. Neumann, G. Wolf (Jena)
P FT 4 Study of early immunological responses during ex vivo xenoperfusion of (hCD46 & HLA-E)-double transgenic porcine limbs with whole, heparin anti-coagulated human blood
  *A. K. Bongoni, D. Keirmeir, M. A. Constantinescu, H. Jenni (Bern), A. Bähr (Munich), D. Ayares (Virginia), E. Vögelin (Bern), N. Klymiuk (Munich), J. Seebach (Geneva), R. Rieben (Bern)
P FT 6 Characterization of the interaction between Collectin 11 (CL-11, CL-K1) and nucleic acids
  *M. L. Henriksen, J. Brandt, S. S. C. Iyer (Odense C.), N. M. Thielens (Grenoble), S. Hansen (Odense C.)
P FT 8 Prediction of Hypersensitivity Reactions to Anticancer Drugs and Monoclonal Antibodies by Testing Complement Activation In Vitro
  *J. Szebeni, T. Mészáros, Z. Weiszhár, T. Schneider, L. Rosivall, A. Rosta, R. Urbanics (Budapest)
P FT 10 C1-Inhibitor functional activity is impaired upon complex formation with Amyloid Beta (Aß)
  *R. Veerhuis, M. J. A. Koel-Simmelink (Amsterdam)
P FT 12 Isolation and Identification of Legionella pneumophila from Environmental Water Sources in Khartoum State
  *M. O. M. Ahmed (Khartoum)
P FT 14 Tba
  *B. D. Chiodini (Brussels), J.- C. Davin (Amsterdam), F. Corazza, K. Khaldi, K. Dahan, K. Lolin, K. Ismaili, B. Adams (Brussels)
P FT 16 Characterization of the Bactericidal Activity of Mammalian Serum on S. aureus
  *B. Gonzalez M. (Sheffield)
P FT 18 Comparison of two Methods used for Isolation of Antibiotic-producing Bacteria
  *M. Mosab Abdelrasig
P FT 20 Drugs and Drug Targets: Employing Microscale Thermophoresis (MST) for Screening, Selection and Evaluation
  *M. Jerabek-Willemsen

Immune Escape of Pathogenic Microbes

P IEPM 2 Pathogenic Leptospira evades human complement attack by the secretion of metalloproteases
  *T. R. Fraga, D. D. S. Courrol, M. Castiblanco-Valencia, I. Hirata, L. Juliano, S. Vasconcellos, A. S. Barbosa, L. Isaac (São Paulo)
P IEPM 4 Investigating how the highly virulent Streptococcus pyogenes AP1 strain binds and interacts with human C4BP to evade complement attack
  *D. Ermert, A. Weckel, I.- M. Frick, L. Björck, A. Blom (Malmö)
P IEPM 6 The Role of Soluble Complement Receptor Type 2 (CR2/CD21) in Immune Evasion of Candida albicans
  *D. Buhlmann, H. U. Eberhardt (Jena), W. M. Prodinger (Innsbruck), C. Skerka (Jena)
P IEPM 8 Binding of recombinant factor H-related proteins to meningococcal factor H-binding protein
  *R. B. Pouw, M. C. Brouwer (Amsterdam), C. M. Tang (Oxford), D. Wouters, T. W. Kuijpers (Amsterdam)
P IEPM 10 Pra1 from Candida albicans has a metalloprotease function to cleave the central complement component C3
  *C. Pilz, S. Luo, A. Hartmann, C. Skerka, P. F. Zipfel (Jena)
P IEPM 12 Genetic manipulation of the relapsing fever spirochete Borrelia hermsii permits study of the role of factor H binding and a novel complement evasion mechanism
  *D. P. Miller, L. Fine, R. T. Marconi (Richmond)
P IEPM 14 Survival of S. aureus in blood can be impaired with factor H fragment FH5-7
  K. Haapasalo-Tuomainen, J. Kirveskari, P. Kuusela, *S. Jokiranta (Helsinki)

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